Standard Vendor Practices

Welcome to the exciting world of branded promotional goods created by Midwest Promotional Group! You are a part of a rapidly growing group of discerning advertisers that have decided to accurately target your promotional expenditures. Your good taste in item and vendor selection will reward you with many uses of this finely decorated choice.

If you are new to the purchase of promotional and/or wearable soft goods, there are some industry practices that we need to inform you in order to ensure your complete satisfaction…

Because each item is individually decorated, sometimes waste is incurred before we ship your order to you. We try to plan in advance for this and take into account the many factors that come into play when decorating wearables or soft goods. The result is that the industry standards allow for:
  1. A +/- 10% over/under shipment is considered fulfillment of your order.
  2. If you have an event that requires that a certain number of pieces be provided, please indicate that you have a "no under" situation. You may still experience a 10% overage.
  3. If you experience a budget situation that does not allow for overs, please indicate that you have a "no overs" situation; as always we will make every effort to produce the exact amount you have ordered, but you may experience up to a 10% underage/shortage.
Unless noted by exception, all transactions and quotes are:
  1. For immediate acceptance.
  2. Subject to review of art upon acceptance for adjustment.
  3. F.O.B. maker's factory and are subject to any and all applicable taxes.
  4. Title of goods transfers at time of shipment from our dock.
  5. Delivery schedules are approximate and delays may occur that are beyond our control.
Because rush orders abound in the world of soft goods, we try not to penalize considerate customers who allow us our standard production time. To that extent, we charge inbound and outbound freight at cost, which is normally UPS Ground in both directions. This policy allows for client's rush needs to be accommodated when their stock is overnighted in and out. Therefore, we do not build artificial amounts of freight into the base cost of the goods.

Make ready charges associated with decoration (art, screens, and embroidery digitization) are charged only on the initial order and are considered set-up costs, and as such, they do not convey.


All of our garments will benefit from laundering the decorated side in, especially screen-printed garments. Over-died garments must be initially washed separately as they are designed to shed some amount of color. Over-died fabrics are meant to look unique by piece and as such, no two garments will match exactly.

Expect 100% cotton garments to shrink about 10% within their first few washings; over-died garments will shrink proportionally less due to the caustic nature of the dies used.

Do not pick at the threads on embroidered garments. They have been trimmed to within the limitations of the design--small type is always hard to reproduce and this method of decoration is not ideal for type under ½" in height. We cannot warranty any imprint under ½".

On unevenly textured surfaces, such as sweaters, piques, open knits., etc., we apply a water soluble substance called solvy that allows the design stitches to remain above the nap of the fabric. Any evidence of this clear plastic looking film will disappear after the first washing as this substance does dissolve in water.